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In the field of your quality control procedures


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Agricultural sector

The opening up of markets and globalization lead the sectors and the companies that compose them to define genuine strategies for looking to the future. Each economic actor faced with the increase in competition must have the best assets to ensure its success.

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Farm practices

Specialist in upstream farming, OCACIA intervenes with farmers, producer groups, cooperatives and production companies for the recognition of their good agricultural practices. Our expertise is recognizedin many productions.

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Business organization

Since 2002, OCACIA carries out audits of collective or individual management systems, with SMEs, Agricultural and Public Works Enterprises, individual farms or grouped together in Association.

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Environmental certification / HVE

Environmental certification / HV

LEVEL 1 Environmental certification To achieve Level 1, the farmer must : Conduct an assessment showing that its operation meets the environmental requirements of the CAP conditionality...
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certification of companies for plant protection products

Plant protection certification

OCACIA is accredited by the COFRAC (scope available on and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture since March 1st, 2013

OCACIA is accredited by the COFRAC (scope available on and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture since March 1st, 2013 Object and context of the certification : Under the...
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Corn certification scheme


As part of the implementation of the CAP reform, maize farms can implement a principle of equivalence to crop rotation diversity through a winter cover measure.

This principle is based on voluntary certification allowing all CAP subsidies to benefit from greening while maintaining a dominant position of maize in the crop rotation. To be eligible for corn...
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Plante bleue

Plante bleue

Provision of verification of the national frame of reference for Horticultural Certification

Purpose and context of the service "Plante bleue emanate from the will of professionals, reinforced by the Grenelle Environment Forum, to develop the ornamental plants produced in production...
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Our main assets

  • Independent certification committees

  • Specialized speakers

  • Recognition through professional pathways

  • Accreditations and accreditations

Information available on request

Ocacia provides on request certification programs, tariffs, rights and duties of applicants and customers, validity of certificates issued, flexible scope, complaints handling procedures and appeals.

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