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Plante bleue

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Plante bleue

Provision of verification of the national frame of reference for Horticultural Certification

Purpose and context of the service

"Plante bleue emanate from the will of professionals, reinforced by the Grenelle Environment Forum, to develop the ornamental plants produced in production companies meeting environmental quality and social responsibility criteria. In a context where the environment has become a variable of the competitiveness of companies and societal demand, the commitment to certification of upstream and downstream of the sector promotes the convergence between supply and demand. Demand, and the progress of enterprises in a process of progress. (Source: Val'Hor) Commitment to Plante Bleue certification gives producers easier access to markets by meeting the expectations of customers, including large distributors such as Truffeau and Jardiland, where the interprofession led A major communication campaign, which now focuses on Plante Bleue certified suppliers.

Local and regional authorities such as the community of municipalities are beginning to ask for certification as an element to be provided during calls for tenders. The use of the Plante Bleue brand and logo thus makes it possible to gain both visibility and credibility. It is also a strong guarantee of an environmentally-friendly production quality, a valorization of the improvement of the production processes and of compliance with the Grenelle environment requirements specific to horticultural companies.

Who is involved in this service ?

All the players in the horticultural sector, both producers and distributors, individually or collectively (cooperatives, producer groups). All players in the horticultural sector, both producers and distributors, individually or collectively (Cooperatives, producer groups).

Certification process

The operator must have first performed his self-diagnosis using the computer tool provided by VAL'HOR. He contacts OCACIA, sends the information document and the self-diagnosis and receives a quote, then the intervention contract accompanied by the regulation of use. OCACIA forwards the file to VAL'HOR and schedules the audit following the endorsement given by VAL'HOR on the certification file.

Content and conduct of the audit

Certification audits are carried out by OCACIA on the basis of the national technical reference system, including the topics covered in the self-diagnosis, through qualitative and quantitative indicators :

  • the management of irrigation,
  • fertilization,
  • the protection of crops,
  • waste management
  • control of energy.
  • business environment
  • a social component specific to the horticulture trades

At the end of the initial audit, the producer receives non-conformity processing forms, which he must complete and return to OCACIA with proof of corrective actions within one month. Once the evidence is received, the file passes into a certification commission. Once the certification has been granted, OCACIA transmits to the company its Plante Bleue certificate valid from the certification decision and for three years.

A random sample of producers is randomly selected each year for a follow-up audit (no additional invoicing), after which the Commission re-evaluates the dossier