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2BSvs Voluntary Scheme Verification Service


2BSvs Voluntary Scheme Verification Service

2BSvs: Biomass - Biofuels - Voluntary scheme on sustainability
Also called "ENR Directive" or "Biofuels Directive 2009/28 / EC"

Object and context of the certification :

European directive published in 2009 requiring a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulting from the use of biofuels of at least 35% (50% in 2017 and 60% in 2018) compared to the use of biofuels A conventional fuel. Compliance with this Directive allows a tax credit for biofuel producers.

Biomass destined to produce biofuels must not come from areas of high value in terms of biodiversity or carbon storage. Production must comply with the CAP and GAEC conditionality.

The 2BSvs voluntary scheme is an approach put in place by a consortium of French operators in the fields of plant production and biofuels (Coop de France, FNA, Onidol, Snpaa, ...). It is managed by the Referent Body (Bureau Veritas). The objective of the 2BSvs Voluntary Scheme is to demonstrate, through independent verification, compliance with the sustainability criteria set out in European Directive 2009/28 / EC.

Who is involved in this service ?

There are 2 repositories:

  • Biomass production:
    • Storage Agencies : Agricultural and Agricultural Cooperatives
  • Mass balance system :
    • Processing companies: oil mills, sugar factories
    • Other operators: marketing unions, trading

Purpose and context of the service

The operator contacts OCACIA, sends the information document and receives an estimate and then an intervention contract.

Following the audit, the auditor issues an audit report and spreadsheets. The operator has one month to propose corrective actions. Major and critical deviations must be completed within 3 months.

The Responsible of the 2BSvs activity validates the certificate which is valid for 5 years and transmits a copy to the Referent Organization within 2 days.

An annual monitoring audit is carried out, followed by an audit of renewal before the certificate expires.

Content :

The 2BSvs Voluntary Scheme Verification Service is performed by an authorized auditor (ISO + successfully passed the 2BSvs exam).

Biomass production :

  • Verification of the origin of the biomass :
    • Identification and information of producers
    • Identification of risk areas
    • Monitoring of producers' files
  • Mass balance:
    • Classification of the goods received / durability
    • Monthly mass balance (similar to material account)
  • System of organization of the company :
    • Job Postings
    • Staff training
    • System Review
  • Measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Accompanying producers to compliance with CAP and GAEC conditionality

Mass balance system :

  • Verification of the origin of the biomass :
    • 2BSvs Supplier Certification
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases:
    • Energy balance

How :

The duration of the audit depends on the number of shipping sites or the volume of biomass processed.

The audit takes place essentially at the headquarters of the OS + occasional visit of silos for the mass balance. Producers' checks are carried out on a sample basis.

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